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Heading to Placencia. You'll see this mestizo houses down south.
Placencia is a beach resort on the Caribbean coast of Belize. It’s at the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, known for its palm-lined beaches. Between the peninsula and the mainland, Placencia Lagoon is home to manatees and saltwater crocodiles. Offshore, there are dive sites on the coral Belize Barrier Reef. To the north, the Garífuna community of Seine Bight is a hub for traditional drumming and dance.Once a sleepy fishing village, Placencia has emerged as an increasingly popular eco-destination on the Caribbean. For those who enjoy outdoor adventure, the Stann Creek region offers a host of activities: hiking through mountainous rain forests, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving and exploring Mayan ruins. The peninsula boasts 16 miles of tranquil beaches, with a lagoon to the west and the Caribbean to the east and lots of peace and quiet in the middle. Tour guides and dive centers offer a variety of excursions, with boat rides to the outer cayes an ongoing favorite. Also popular are guided land tours to Mayan Ruins or trekking the jungle trails of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, where the first Jaguar Reserve in the world was established.

The sleeping Giant above the picture. On the Belize mountains. 
If you haven't been to Placencia village southern part of Belize, you may be missing. Quite, an experience I had when I went this past weekend. Yeap, and it was fun. Wait, How was the road trip? Before I talk about the trip. Let me begin my trip from Corozal To Placencia on road trip. Many may ask how is the road going to Corozal to Southern Belize. To let you know the roads their are far better now than Before. I reached faster than I had expected. Orange tree's are planted along the high way when you are coming down to the southern art of Belize. During the ride south, It was dry as you couldn't imagine. I was excited to see this place as a local tourist. When I came into placencia I saw many things.

This Maya Temple is being built right now for the Zip-lining company down south.  One mile before the cut of going towards Placencia.  

When you come into the Peninsula to Placencia, You see a lot of scenery condos being built at the entrance and after seine beite's village. Scenery background on my right hand side I saw the mountain view and on my left hand side I saw the sea front view. It was a vick's bottle blue that mixed with crystal blue water. At the entrance of Placencia I saw  a number of hotels, resorts and Restaurants. After,  6 hours driving down to placencia  village I was so happy to see that I had arrived safely.  The only thing was that it rained along the way excepted when I reach to Placencia village it was dry.
Entrance of Placencia Peninsula, Belize.
Sadly, the first night I stayed at placencia was raining. First day at Placencia Village,  I Laid back and relax and enjoy the view at Yoli's Place. While doing that I ate some food and when to my hotel. After I did some check ups, I went to try the famous Ice Cream famous Tutti Frutti in Placencia village, Belize. I tried the cheese cake. As I was tasting the flavor for the first time, I couldn't explained that excellent taste. Very light, flavored Ice cream. Surprisingly,  I noticed street signs that said, Dukunu, Sunrise, Hudute, and a lot more names I coudn't recall. I loved the smell of coffee from the distance. Yes I saw many coffee shops, like Mojo coffee shop, above ground coffee, brewed awakening coffee, fabulous coffee shop, Tree house coffee shop and many more.

Some local house in Placencia, Belize. Great scenery. 
Visiting Tipsy Tuna in Placencia, was one of my bucket list that I had to do before I did anything else. So, after Ice cream at Tutti Fruitti,  I visited tipsy Tuna Bar restaurant. The best was that I had a great coffee mocha flavored with baily's. Was called Coffee colada. Right next door was Barefoot Bar. Famous for the great horse shoes, food, services, and live music. I was surprised that it was ram packed with tourists and locals. If, plan to come down hear, make sure you stop by Barefoot and Tipsy Tuna Bar. Tell them I send you. To know more about the Barefoot click here: https://www.facebook.com/BarefootBarPlacenciaBelize/ know more about the tipsy tuna visit their page right here:The Tipsy Tuna Bar and Grill 
The Placencia Residences area.  

Placencia Village Tourism Airstrip. 

Tropic Air's Brand New TQ- JCA twin engine plane.

De Tatch Seafood Restaurant. I met Dean barrow Belize Prime Minister Right Hear. This restaurant is located on the beach. They offer Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Breakfast burrito is served flour tortilla rolled up with eggs, beans, bacon or ham topped with grated cheese, Fry eggs with bacon or ham, Stuffed Jack - with fry jack that bring eggs, beans, bacon, ham, topped with salsa and cheese.  They are open for breakfast from 7am to 11am and  from 11am until 10 pm. 
Merl's Cafe is located right in front of Yoli's Bar in Placencia village, Belize. They had the best fish and potatoes. This place you can either eat at this cafe shop in Placencia or order at Yoli's Bar and just sit back relax and enjoy the sea front water view.  You can see from the distance the sail boats, birds, fish, people swimming, and tourists just cruising around town. 

Paradise Resort. 

Famous Tutti Fruitti  in Placencia Village, Belize. Flavors are: Cheese Cake, Mint, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pecan, Vanilla, Lime, Coffee and more. 

Yoli's Bar Place. It is located infront of Marl's Cafe. From Here, you can see the sailboats, sea, birds, people swimming a lot more activities. 

The beach at Placencia village, Belize.  

Dean Barrow's new place.
What I hear about locals is a new news: Not sad, but, a surprising news about Dean Barrow's luxury. He stayed right here this past weekend at this condos with his family. And, at the morning of Monday  him and his family ate at the De Tach Restaurant. Not, only that, he owns this new condos from what I was explained.
Eagle Ray Caye. 
Fishing in Placencia was a fun activity to do. You may visit some small island that have small reef patches on the front side. Long Island, Eagle Ray Island ad George's Island was the main attraction I visited while I went fishing. Yes! I got so excited to fish snapper, yellow tale snapper. It was fun.  Who did I went with? Gaman Eiley is from Placencia Village, Belize born and raised in in the small village of Placencia. While growing up in Placencia the only thing he made money from was fishing. He went to school graduated and to mange himself and his family. He started to make his own tour operation when he came back from the United States. Today, he is now famous from his hard working fishing tour guide. If you wish to go out fishing with Gaman Eiley Message me on Belize Scoop and I will arrange something with you. 
Right in front of the Gas station in Placencia village, Belize. This is an old boat used for pulling barge. 

The lagoon side in Placencia Village, Belize. 

But southern Belize fishing isn't just about permit - other abundant species include bones, tarpon, snook, King Mackerel, tuna (Black- and Yellow- fin), snappers (Cubera, Mutton, Gray, Yellowtail),  Barracuda, Crevalle Jack, Grouper and Wahoo.

Local guides are well-known for their knowledge of local waters, general guiding ability and versatility.For more detailed information about fishing out of Placencia, see our information on flyfishing, recommended gear and tackle, tide chart (for Belize City - add 30 minutes for Placencia) and a Placencia fishing calendar.

Above this video is called Long Caye located several miles outside Placencia. This view behind the island.