Visiting Dukker Ice Cream Palor in Second Street South, Corozal

Hey, Ice Cream Lovers I have a scoop to tell you. A Brand-New Ice Cream Pallor is open in Second Street South in Corozal. This is one of the fun place to visit in Corozal. It’s a walk in Pallor and a flavor to pick.  On Tuesday, January 2, was the opening doors of Dukker ice cream.  All our ice creams are made now and with the combinations of flavors that you prefer. And without forgetting that all our bases are free of lactose and sweetened with fructose, so that there is no pretext. There you can take care of your health and continue enjoying a delicious and organic ice cream, free of chemicals, and lots of flavor. Call us at: 633- 7529 or visit us at our Facebook page:
Dukker Ice Cream first store in Corozal District specializes in ice cream, a new way to enjoy an unimaginable amount of combinations of flavors and textures all natural, giving way also to a calm, relaxed and fun, a nice place where you will not think about anything but the flavors that you like the most.

Waiting for your response to be positive, we will see you soon Corozal.
Dukker has the human focus in each spoonful, we have always thought that the main thing is to put people above our products, in this way creating unique bonds and unforgettable moments.

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